Is Vaping Dangerous For Your Health?

13 Feb

Vaping is inhaling of a vapour created by an e-cigarette. It is a battery-operated device that has cartridges to be filled with liquid or oil or sometimes CBD oil. It became the new form of smoking that mostly of the teenager or even adult smoker are patronizing these recent years. In fact, usage of e-cigarette has skyrocketed all over the world.

Vaping comes like e-cigarette or vape pens. It also comes in Juul or a USB size portable e-cigarette that can be charged with USB cord in laptops and power banks making it more handy and easy for teens and adults alike to use and access.

Since there are thousands or maybe millions who use vape these days, the question of its risk is being raise by many. Is vaping dangerous for your health? What are the effects of vaping in your body? Here are the facts about vaping that everybody must be aware of:

  1. Vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking

E-cigarette has less toxic compare to traditional cigarette. Regular tobacco cigarette contains up to 7,000 chemicals that mostly are toxic. Unlike e-cigarette, it heats nicotine with flavourings and other chemicals but proven to be lesser harmful than the tobacco cigarettes.

  • Vaping is dangerous to your health

It may be less harmful but it is still bad for the health. All cigarettes, whether it is tobacco cigarette or e-cigarette, contains a nicotine that is really addictive. It is the substance that makes the people yearn for more that once ignored will cause withdrawal symptoms that extremely affect the body as it may result to high blood pressure and heart attack.

  • Vaping is not good method for quitting smoking

Many people who want to quit traditional smoking shifts to vaping. They believed that vaping could help them quit. Besides, it is less harmful. However, since it is as addictive as tobacco cigarettes, they ended up using both making them more prone and susceptible to diseases that smoking brings.

  • Vaping is also used for medicinal purpose

Vaping may not be good for the body but if use in a good purpose could actually be beneficial. One good thing about vaping is vaping with CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol is known for its health benefits that helps brain related diseases like as it has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant content on it. It is also proven to stimulate new bone growth affected by osteoporosis. Generally speaking, vaping is not a bad thing at all. It can be good and beneficial if it is use for medical purposes. Nonetheless, it could harmful if being abused.