Are Psych Meds The Only Effective Way To Treat Depression?

6 Jun

Depression is a serious illness that affects people’s feelings and mentality. It is a feeling of having loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities. It causes incomparable sadness and frustration which leads to emotional and physical breakdown. It also affects the functionality of one’s person. In other words, it is about being negative in life and not having the courage to continue living anymore.

Depression is curable. Among mental disorders, patients who suffer depression had a record of getting a high positive outcome after being treated. It is normally treated with psych medications which is believed and had proven to be effective in treating such serious illness.

However, are the psych meds the only effective way to treat depression? No. There are other methods that are proven effective as well. Let’s enumerate it one by one.

  1. Self-help and coping

Depression may be a serious illness that normally helps others aside from patient’s self however, it also needs self-help. Self-initiative to help oneself is one way that could help reduce symptoms of depression. There are many activities to do that will help patients with depression which would help them go back to life. It is important to have them set a goal, do some regular exercise and ensure that they have a good and quality sleep and of course it is a must that they eat healthy. These activities should be engaged with to minimize the feeling of incomparable sadness.

It is to note that relying to medication alone is not enough, helping one’s self by challenging the illness is the most essential and effective way of curing depression.

  • Vitamins and supplements

There are natural herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements available in treating depression. These anti-depressant supplements are available over the counter all over the world. However, it would be better to consult the psychiatrist before taking any of it.

  • Relaxation and Acupuncture Technique

Relaxation reduces stress and helps liven up the body and well-being. Activities like yoga and meditation are the best techniques that helps restore and revitalize the body and mind. These activities help reduce the impact of stress and allow them to clear their minds and help strengthen the connection of body and mind which is very important in relieving depression. Lastly, acupuncture is one technique using fine needles that gives a therapeutic outcome to the patient.