Is A Positive Outlook Enough For Good Mental Health?

20 Sep

Imagine you are sitting on your sofa, turned on the television and watched the news. You came across this news about how a 15-year old teenage boy massacred his entire classmates. And then you changed the channel and you are now watching how President Trump reacted to the rampant illegal immigration in your country? These situations alone could put in a negative implications in your head.

Or what if it would be nicer if you watched how Raptors won against Golden State Warriors? Or how the police officer saved the boy from a tragedy? Putting positive thoughts are good, if not vital for our mental health.

The Power Of Positivity
You see, being optimistic and being positive in your life is a choice. You either want your energy drained by all the negativities in the world or remain optimistic and hopeful. Being negative has in return, negative impact and unhealthy benefits in your body.

According to positive psychologist Martin Seligman, positive thinking is framed in an explanatory style. It is how you positively interpret the series of events in your life. Seligman put it simply as optimistic explanatory style gives yourself credit for your accomplishments but taking the blame to other people. Whereas, pessimistic explanatory style put yourself in blame while not giving yourself credit to even your minor achievement. Worst, they even view negative situations like they were born with it or it is synonymous to their existence. That is seriously bad.

Benefits Of An Optimistic Mind
When we are talking about positivism, of course, it has many benefits. What are these benefits?

  •  Lower cases of depression
  • Less stress
  • Better in managing stress and coping skills
  • Increased resistance to virus and bacteria
  • Lower rates of cardiac related deaths
  • Better mental health
  • Increased well-being
  • Longer life expectancy

Application In Reality It has already been said and done, over and over again. Many articles, tips and topics both online and traditional media had tackled this issue. But it is through application that many aren’t able to do. In order to achieve a positive mindset, you must practice it. No one can control how you will be affected by your surroundings, regardless if it is positive or negative. Take note that, being positive doesn’t mean, you aren’t feeling the negativities around you. Poverty, inequality, unjust treatment, deaths, accidents, anxieties or depression will always be there. It exist before you existed. It is part of the world that you need to deal every day. What important is how you don’t want these things to affect you. How you don’t want negative thoughts to enter in your system. It is how you choose to be positive and accept every challenges with optimistic approach.